High Capacity. Low Energy. Mass-Manufacturable. Unique.

Huge progress has been made in recent years in developing high-performance, low-energy, mass-manufacturing-compatible SiPh functional building blocks - laser sources, modulators, splitters, detectors. But some key functional building blocks are still not good enough for many applications. Existing mass-manufacturing-compatible designs have poor performance and/or consume too much energy.

Australian Silicon Photonics has developed unique, patented designs for key silicon photonic functional building blocks that help designers of integrated silicon photonic subsystems marry high-capacity optical links with electronic processing, to deliver 100x today's computing power with 10x less energy. We will announce details of one of our building blocks soon. We’re currently licensing these designs to some of the biggest players in the industry. These partners work with us because we help them lead: we get them to market with better silicon photonics products, faster. Our patented designs have higher capacity and lower energy than any alternatives, and with our 15 years of design experience, we quickly customize these designs so that they are easily integrated into our partners’ fully-integrated subsystems.

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