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Knocking Down the Barriers to Fast, Cool, Scalable Processing

Today, several barriers are preventing researchers and product developers from exploiting the true potential of silicon photonics. At Australian Silicon Photonics, we're knocking down these barriers.

1. The simulation tools used for silicon photonics design today are very capable, but they do not simulate the physical effects behind a new class of revolutionary functional building blocks, to be announced soon by Australian Silicon Photonics. Our software simulation suite, REME, gives silicon photonics designers the tools they need.

2. The practical use by researchers and product developers of silicon photonics is significantly restricted by today's 6-9 month delivery times for prototype devices. Australian Silicon Photonics' delivery of mass-manufacturing-compatible passive SiPh prototypes with guaranteed performance and six-week (not six-month) turnaround will dramatically change the nature of research and development based on SiPh.

3. Huge progress has been made in recent years in developing high-performance, low-energy, mass-manufacturing-compatible SiPh functional building blocks - laser sources, modulators, splitters, detectors. But some key functional building blocks are still not good enough for many applications. Existing mass-manufacturing-compatible designs have poor performance and/or consume too much energy. Australian Silicon Photonics has new designs for critical building blocks that help silicon photonics designers marry high-capacity optical links with electronic processing, to deliver 100x today's computing power with 10x less energy.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, with a growing network of partners around the world.