REACh is a 24-hour hardhack competition that stirs up the traditional hardhack competition by incorporating marketing tasks and on-site industry mentorship throughout the competition. In this 24-hour interdisciplinary engineering competition, students are given the opportunity to be drafted by some of the leading engineering companies in the world. Alongside their company representatives, students will develop and market a project from scratch.

Presented by SHPE UCSD

Event Info

Date & Time

January 10th, 2019 - January 11th, 2019

(Friday 6:00PM - Saturday 8:00PM)


Jacobs Hall


Student Registration

REACh for the stars and participate in SHPE UCSD's very own hardhack competition. Get the opportunity to network with industry representatives as well as fellow STEM students.

Registration is open to everyone!

Student Volunteers

Help us facilitate the event, be a volunteer for REACh!

*You do not need to volunteer for the whole 24 hours.

Company Sponsorship Registration

Please consider being part of our effort in building a competitive engineering workforce for the future by becoming a corporate sponsor!

Contact Information

Amanda Breton

Co-Technical Chair

3rd Year Undergraduate


Laura Gutierrez

Vice President External

3rd Year Undergraduate

Environmental Engineering

Melissa Pante

Co-Technical Chair

3rd Year Undergraduate

Aerospace Engineering

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