First Aid Courses

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Our courses focus on smaller groups to maximize the learning. You and your group, team or club deserve the best. With attention to detail, we deliver the highest quality training that you are looking for.

Certified to deliver training through 3 different agencies, we have the ability to pick the exact product to meet your needs. From medically oriented courses, to industrial and from outdoor workers to school programs....we can deliver.

Learn to deliver high quality care while ensuring dignity and compassion. Enroll your group in a first aid course with us!

Course Prices for 2024  (prices listed do not include training room)


CPR Level C or Health Care Provider Level (BLS) is the most popular course we deliver. In only a few hours you will leave confident in your skills to perform CPR, use and AED and manage an emergency scene. HCP level includes the bag valve mask.

2-3 hours

$65-$80 per person

Premergency, Red Cross, Sirius Medx certification

Emergency & Standard First Aid

Including CPR certification,  these 2 courses take your training to another level. 8 hour EFA includes more definitive scene management and medical issues while the 16 hour SFA includes trauma, fractures, burns and other ailments.

8-16 hours

$105-$170 per person

Premergency, Red Cross, Sirius Medx certification

Marine First Aid

Working outdoors near or on the water? This course is tailored to those working in a marine environment . Including all SFA topics, this 20 hour course focuses on drowning, hypo/hyperthermia among other topics. Transport Canada Approved.

20 hours

$185 per person

Red Cross certifcation only

Wilderness First Aid

20 hour Basic WFA for weekend outings or the 40 hour AWFA for leaders , these courses focus on long term management. When help will be delayed, you will learn how to control the scene and protect the casualty over night and arrange evacuation.

20-40 hours

$300-500 per person

Sirius Medx certification only


We understand that by helping organizations empower their teams we can expand our reach to help people develop skills and capacities to uncover their potential and keep growing. Our focus is on growth and empowerment by giving organizations and users an easy-to-use and efficient learning environment and innovative solutions that make them feel supported, confident, and prepared.

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading provider of first aid and CPR programs and has been offering first aid and CPR training to Canadians for over 50 years. We also teach Canadians practical first aid tips and offer a free first aid app to guide first aiders in real time response to situations.

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At Sirius Medx we strive to revolutionize the provision of medical care and training programs to safeguard the health of workers, residents and explorers in the most remote regions. Our vision is to go above and beyond, day after day.

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