Session, or the Board of Elders watches over the spiritual well-being of the church. They are the ruling body of the congregation. Ours is comprised of nine members; one of whom is appointed Clerk of Session, and the pastor acts as the moderator. The members are selected by the Nominating Committee to serve three-year terms and voted on by church members at a congregational meeting. When voting on the Elders, members are tacitly agreeing to abide by their rulings. Elders-elect are required to attend leadership training with Pastor Scott prior to Ordination and Installation in January. They meet regularly to make and oversee policy that aligns with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Constitution and Doctrine, which includes The Book of Order, The Westminster Confession of Faith, The Essentials, and The Larger Catechism. Elders are assigned to lead or serve on Session committees by the pastor, who prayerfully considers the talents and interests that each bring to the Board.

Current Elders and their committees:

Moderator: Pastor Scott Wiest - stwiest@gmail.com

Clerk of Session: Anne Meyer (Worship)

Amy Belovesick (Christian Ed., Personnel) 814-594-1997, abelovesick@gmail.com

Jason Belsole (Christian Ed.)

Glen Challingsworth (Building & Grounds, Christian Ed.)

Peg Hayes (Nominating, Congregational Life)

Ben Keebler (Stewardship, Personnel)

Patty Keebler, Church Treasurer (Congregational Life, Worship, Stewardship)

Scott Steele (Mission & Evangelism)

Gene Williams (Mission & Evangelism)