Art-Trash - no revolt

by Mathias Schneider


Advancing thought processes remain fruitless

Man wants something out of the fact that he ekes out his existence. So he makes something happen and is content with this success. Why should he be able to experience more than he is allowed to? - Everything is finite, nothing would be given with certainty. There the course of life sometimes becomes a bad shenanigans. You run after some phantoms. This world is full of such.

Everything that would not be given, can only be such alone. The future success is just not one of today. The plan to achieve such a success would be nothing but a shadow of it. There you limit yourself in order to get something that can really exist.

What wouldn't be there couldn't be found either. If access to it did not exist now, it would certainly not be secure in the future either. I'd rather eat some carrots than hope for bread or roast to feed myself.


The right moment

Seven seconds I give myself.

for one breath,

for an attitude,

for a seat.

If that has led to nothing,

I'll let it go.


Verse I

Sea and wind,

Light and shadow.

They give you some free space in your thoughts.

With a roaring noise the waves of the surf rush against the rock.

Tirades from water sparks spray.

Do you imagine that once,

you are able to understand it.

Clarity and abundance,

Wealth and serenity.

All this happens there.

If you perhaps also think to yourself that it would not be anything, it means liveliness after all.


Have your own orientation

Before one can walk on a path once found, man has to align himself. This will give him a knowledge of his position in this existence. Equipped with such knowledge he will learn to distinguish his needs and to weigh them. Once all this has attained its true meaning with us, we will probably be able to do well with it. If one simply asserts oneself in this way in one's own life. If we first arrive at ourselves, then we will probably soon be able to acknowledge other people for their existence as it is. But as long as we always let ourselves go and slip away, we will also not be able to find the trace that can maintain our way.


Preservation of the good

Maybe there are two different ways to go about your life. I know these two well. One I know when I have failed with something. Then I look for a change of the given. In all other cases, however, I remain on the other path. This is supposed to be a way of man's probation. On this path I keep what I have.

Whenever I have failed, I remember something that I still know from better days. Thus, one gait always touches on the other. Thus I recognize the course of life as a circular path on which everything that is welcome to me can return.

Metal plate made of copper, carved drawing, made after a written instruction by Heinrich Zimmer - the Shriyantra


Towards the fire

One opposes the adversary. He pushes you wherever he can. All coolness and peace leave us when the storm rages around us. Give the conflagration no room.

It ignites by itself whenever it can do so. One therefore pays attention to the given. The flames of the Inferno will quickly be some if you are careless.


Feel the warmth attentively

If you are looking for access to the events of your everyday life, you will probably be able to hear them thanks to a feeling. It is true that the given things can also appear. They do this in every way, as it is intended for them. Now every thing also has its share in the warmth of this world and can therefore be perceived by ourselves as a noticeable gradient of the energy content.

The power of man is one for his self-preservation. Starting from this, he expands into his living space and forms a basis for himself. Thus he finds something that secures his existence. This will be the waiting point from which he can search for participation, i.e. community and fulfilment.


Meaning of Lighting

What is an effect worth to us without its aftereffect? Why do we not simply regard it as the essential good? - That is how we get into that welcome constitution to slow down the enjoyment of the given. That satisfies us and makes us happy. Too much of the good is unhealthy, as we generally know. But even a too hastily carried out lifestyle would not lead to anything suitable.

But to what can this real haste of us human beings be attached? Wouldn't that be the greed for the mere 'more' that will have to be named first? How can we penetrate there to the depth of the given, if we are always alone only in search of a hype? What will be able to lead us back to a desired order, an orderliness of ourselves, if this task has not brought this with it?


Follow a whole approach

The spirit of man gives him his strength. If he uses such a spirit in an always uniform way, he will gain additional strength. Meanwhile, his style is emerging. Like a phoenix from the ashes, it will emerge from nowhere and become true.

But what should a whole approach be? - Such an approach takes into account the whole and puts everything that exists into context. It is therefore an indifferent approach because it does not distinguish between dependence and independence or between positive, neutral and negative. Only something arbitrary is moved in such a way to a dissolution. Meanwhile the wrong should be corrected.

But if all this is indifferent, then it could not be understood any differently than that it is a whole in the whole. This unity exists as soundness, as man in 'knowledge'.

In order to be able to accomplish this, one needs a knowledge of the outermost conditions. What is just attainable should be the currently valid limit for man, which he has to complete in his motion. In order to reach the goal it is necessary to follow the unabridged path completely. That seemingly connected agony will actually not be any, because it contains the possibility of a strengthening growth. There a flourishing of the human quality will be well possible.

One sets oneself a frame and accepts it. One constantly shows one's limits. One's own frame should embody it. Thus it is recognized.

Each position contains an attitude for the human being and each attitude creates a valid framework for the most external impulses, powers and moments in the human being. Meanwhile, the spirit as a virtual greatness should contain the sum of postures and forms of this human existence depending on the time sequence. It is therefore of a different dimension. It is to be understood as the integral of our walked path and contains every step, no matter how often it is repeated.

Thus, on a certain level, the mind embodies the sum of our energy output from ourselves through our performance. Only in this way can we humans see and recognize it as the forming whole.

What gives this potential to the spirit, however, dwells in us human beings and is commonly recognized as the soul of man.

Since the consciousness of man is a spiritual greatness, we need some probing of the events in order to arrive at a true knowledge about ourselves. Spontaneously memories of a simple kind up to memories of own abilities of humans are released. To do this, we alone only have to activate the relevant fields of tension. An efficient person thus has a much less difficult time than a person who is less mobile in his situation.

In relation to the spiritual impulses of a human being, it is precisely energy that should be equated with information. Just as it is not possible to get along with one type of energy alone, it should also be impossible to move something by permanently reproducing one and the same type of information. A change is caused by a change. This is basically true for the cause of the change, the movement (i.e. in its own frequency) as well as its integrals, the information and the energy.

If all this is also to be understood statically, the potential difference between the energies and the change or deviation of the impulse, which can be caused by other kinds of information, causes a movement of the human being, a transformation in itself.

If only the external movements can be seen alone, then it is the internal movements, the frequencies, which can make us sympathetic and because of which we are able to relate to other people.

As proof of this ability of man to move inwardly, I now set the following task. Please check for yourself whether it makes sense to master this through a test of it.

If you take a position that seems meaningful to you, carry your expression clearly audible, make a gesture and keep it upright for 12 minutes.

Please do not be surprised if maintaining this moment will overwhelm you. Please stop this exercise in time. Such an exercise is probably the most you can ask of yourself. Since it goes hand in hand with an imagination of one's own expression, it will be easier to see that it is possible to accept and enter into a frequency change of things. Let us simply take care of such a change of postures. Let us accept this course of things and deal with new perspectives accordingly. Much of this will be able to break the knitting pattern of habits. Some burdens will thus be broken by

Watercolours, partly coloured (crayons)


View the slideshow

Mathias Schneider only looks at his own pictures from the old days of his existence again since he made them publicly accessible on the Internet. In doing so, he once again feels himself to be the creator of it. He can shape with his hands, but that wouldn't be all he can do. He also uses his mind for this purpose. A reception of his own works takes place there. With his senses, but also through his senses, he relives what he still knows about it or what he wants to remember again. His impressions are focused, he bundles them into actual forces of himself and recognizes something in this mirror of himself. What this is and what it is he would like to tell you here.

With the mental strength of a chess player he developed these pictures before. He still recognizes himself as such. If he has also changed the metier and now paints or draws such things as they can arise with him, he has remained the same.

It is of fundamental importance for a conception of his work that one recognizes the chess player who has created such pictures in himself and who can do the same.

Some people have regarded what he has created as unfeasible and therefore deny him his own ability. But here the question arises what kind of knowledge and skills must be acquired in order to create such designs.

No chess player of today has the genius to generate such a game again. Neither was it the work of an individual that it was created. And yet many people deal with this royal game. It is even assumed that its players can thereby acquire virtues if they execute it. Why, then, should Schneider redesign the course of such a wheel, only to do justice to a foreign attitude which would be impossible to fulfil.

However, he likes to deal with the virtue of a chess player. This game and its mastery are a real cultural achievement of man. It is Schneider's ability to transcend the impulses gained from this from the intellectual level of the inner being into an external physical form that makes his own style of painting possible in the first place. He spoke with joy and seriousness of the fact that his entire fortune had flowed into this picture show. The respective value of a sum of possibilities has been understood by him, reproduced and integrated into a whole in the whole.

There are pictures in whose creation he thought of the Stirling engine which he produced during his training as a tool mechanic. Others embody his inwardly predisposed melody. Some things are shown there with form and color by him. It is a fright for him that the nature of his inner world is so difficult for outsiders to access.

He has constantly been criticized for his actions and denied success. What a malice that is! - Some nonsense has been brought to light in a proud guise and yet has brought nothing good. In life, Schneider can only refer to what he himself has already achieved and would like to be content with it. It is good, as it is. For him it is really enough to do something.


This is trippy.

The light is hidden in darkness.

If you close your eyes, you perceive it.

If you hold your breath for the time being,

something can develop,

what there is.

With closed mouth you sit there

and you are.

You draw everything on yourself

and happen.

So you keep still,

and it preserves to you what is already given to you.

Then you let go of it again

and it happens.

Soon it will be possible to be true,

that something is about to come into being.

So there is that.

You recognize that

and you are there.

So you also come to yourself

with something actual.


A star rises

Something that wants to be good from the ground up should be true and correct when viewed from every position. Three times the essence of things can be explained in a completely independent way. So it becomes known. The parts of it should, seen polarly, all be extensive. So they are outward characteristics of such a thing. In addition to that, the intensive size has to be grasped, that inner space of the virtual field of it - its catchment area. This should be a first approach for me for a real concern of the facts of me as well as their completion with works. I do this here on the Internet with my own writings and come to the realization that what I am doing is seen.

It would not have to be difficult what is to be fulfilled thereby. I would like to consider what has already become my own during the course of the things of my existence so far. These events continue to exist. They have given me a certain material which I can look at. This determines my existence.

As an observer I remain neutral to the world. I don't want to intervene in a change of things or even control it, because it will one day be what it has been destined for. I hold on to a coherence of this idea. It embodies the ideal of an untouched human nature in an approximate way. Step by step man learns to shape his life. Step by step he consolidates this knowledge of his own personality on his own. What is to be gained for him, I would like to call his level. It will be to be equated with his self.

Now the level of a star is known to depend on the angle to the visible horizon. If it is at the same level as this one, then the star has just risen. It still seems to be at ground level, but soon it shines strongly and stands there lofty. Even a sinking of the star would not change the fact that its light will brighten the night sky for a long time to come. Thus it is also above its actual downfall. The effect of its light will still be there for an uncertain time.

The idea behind it is the following. Nothing gets lost in this world. What has an effect continues to do so. All energetic potentials set themselves free as soon as this is possible for them. They then radiate their energy impulsively and thus get rid of it. Via some redirections these impulses are redirected on their subsequent path. With an energy everything can be done what the matter provides for it. However, it is so that a redirection of these potentials is only possible locally and temporally limited, at the time of their occurrence. The energy moves on fast and leaves the reference value, which man alone will only be able to control, because this is the material, which he can form and grasp.

As limit values of the possible, everything and nothing occur permanently and at the same time. Only at a certain moment in a single place something given can arrive and be possible. And yet everything is always given in its entirety, so to speak as an option.

Thus the matrix of things will be empty in itself. We can accept that in this way. Only a spark illuminates it and triggers a reaction from it. Like a flash of lightning there are paths for the energy, things suddenly result in a structure, the fire of change. Everything there is penetrated by it and changes its shape. A connection to this natural condition should make it possible that it can be used for technical effects. That is why matter exists at all. It is their task to make this possible.

And yet not everything would be possible at any time. Without making the necessary sacrifice corresponding to the respective process, the loss of a subset of the goods involved, the fire will extinguish immediately, no matter what power it actually has. The remaining heat content would then no longer be sufficient to ignite this fire again. So it finds no more food and goes out. The remaining heat, however, passes very slowly by nature, which can heal things again from the strain of the influence before. Imbalances, also internal tensions are partly compensated by this. Finally, the temperature level of this object adapts to that of its surroundings and appears the same again. There the reversal is then created from one moment to the other, the matrix is again in a state of emptiness. Now the waiting for a new cycle of change begins again. I would like to call this state "carried rest".

Thus a recurring actual state of the given is shown, which I here simply call inner silence. This is supposed to be a state of double-valued silence. In the inside and outside, therefore, peace prevails. That is how it is meant. There is real silence. Things now appear in clarity, are practically emptied again. From now on your being will be given again in all permanence and will be preserved. At this moment it is really important for us human beings to be awake and active so that we can survive.


Learning in lessons

People learn to train their own behaviour. Improved behaviour leads to a freer life. One can survive on the spot in a timely manner and has less difficulty in getting involved and understanding the circumstances correctly.

In order to be able to learn anything at all, lessons are required. These sometimes arise of their own accord. In dealing with our everyday life we can find these if we want to set out to recognize them.

One should not choose what one wants to learn and what one does not want to learn. Everything has to be mastered in a moderate way. Otherwise the difficulties will take over at some point. Then we are stuck, blocked.

These lessons should serve to recognize our own doubts about things with our thoughts and to correspond to ourselves in doing so. Where necessary, we will need to correct our behavior. Doing this is likely to release some happiness in us.

Floral Greetings

Garden, Photograph


Intermediate stages

Think of the fact that a pause will bring some certainty to a person. An actual concern can be fulfilled by man once. This will always be possible when the good has come true for him and he has really existed sufficiently with his things.

Then these things are to become examples of an event of the present. After all, one has also learned something once in the course of shaping it. Man can best read the truth of the given from his own good. He actually still knows a lot about himself. So Schneider was able to consider his own.


Introduction to this Wiki

If you haven't really had anything to do with contemporary art or art in general, this page with the title ''Art-Trash' - No Revolt' probably wouldn't be the right one for you. Too much Schneider goes into the show of his work here for it to really give pleasure to a person with little interest in art. But maybe someone like that would like to stay here for a while.

This is a portal which functions as an easy access to his works. It would also be intended as a first introduction to his card index for those whom he and his work are not yet familiar with. He has simply called this card index 'construction kit'.

The 'construction kit' consists of individual text collections in the form of wikis. These wikis can be understood as a description of his work. Schneider once depicted this in such a way that he could inform about his artistic work. For this purpose he put these things online and shared them here.

The Wiki ''Art-Trash' - No Revolt' is to be understood meanwhile as small head side of this card index box. He has already advertised it for a while. From here you can find a whole collection of internet pages which are related to his work. This is an access to his entire collection. This should be a 'book for everything', as he himself has called it from time to time.

With this fund he is doing his autodidactic training live on the internet to create these things. Mathias Schneider has hoped that his project, which has already been called 'Beggar's Art Service', will be well received by outsiders.

(This is the website of an art-trash artist.)

Welcome, Welcome, Bienvenue

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

actually, I, Mathias Schneider from Offenburg in der Ortenau, *1975, still assume that my way of approaching the cause of art can lead to something good for me and others. That would probably be the case if the people here would really take an interest in these things that I once designed. It would be nice if you wanted to be a part of it. So far I have always been so happy about those fellow human beings who have taken some time for my page here as well as for the material depicted on it and who are willing to look at these things. I would like to thank you now for coming here to stay a little while.

I have gladly shown myself to be modest in bringing my things to file. I present some different material here. I do this in order to show you the spectrum of my work. I would like to have my say in this quiet corner of the Internet network. I have sometimes been patient and silent towards my fellow human beings, but I have not remained speechless and voiceless when it comes to my own artistic concerns.

To my things I know in the 'construction kit', my card index, to which this Wiki counts as a small head page, to say something. I do that gladly and willingly in such a way that I speak of what has already conditioned me.

Why don't you get involved in this adventure of reading the website of an artist? Please click your way through the respective links on the special pages provided for this purpose. Please use the riders attached to the surface to find them. Meanwhile, I will also introduce you to a framework plot of my things there. So I will show you some of what my art form is about.

The file 'Baukasten' is supposed to stand in and for itself for something whole and is also supposed to be accepted by the audience. I have created something here that needs to be understood and properly understood. I have prepared this work for you analogous to my world of thoughts and ideas. With this I try to make it clear to you what makes me special.

Here I have tried to bring to light what I have been dealing with in recent years. These written elaborations are supplemented by the content of a 'type case', which contains pictures, books and music from my own production.

Basically, I believe in a positive value of my works, but still assign them to the genre 'Art-Trash' myself. With this I try to show that everything that I have once designed should belong to each other and actually be of equal value. That's how I want to be understood.

That has kept all sense for me. I want to be able to put my art thing on a secure footing. For this I put what is given here into an acceptable state bit by bit, so that it will be well received.

Perhaps it will already seem important to you to stay here for a while and also to have a look at some of the other things.

With this in mind, I wish you all the best now and remain

kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider



The first thing I can do is if I have nothing to say and know nothing. Then I will speak of what is given and in the meantime I will be content with those people who are really there.

A second thing I can do when the gods have forgotten me, when I am alone and no longer have hope in me. Then I want to talk to the people and would not insist on my actual view.

A third thing I can do if anger has hit me and I am to be punished. Then I refine my behaviour up to a bitterness of the angry ones, so that no guilt hits me.

A fourth thing I do when my joints are put in shackles. I then sing the wise man, so that the shackles are blown up and I can wander under the heavens again.

I can do a fifth, although everyone should be able to do that. I speak freely from my actual things and grab my own foot in doing so.