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Current Events:

The National History day club is back, and ready for a year of more events and fun! Although we are seeing some of our founding members move onto college, we are ready to get back into action!

Club Website Updates

The current updates of the NHD Club Website:

3/20/22 - Club Website Created

8/25/23 - Club Website Last Updated

Interested in Joining?

This year and next year the National History Day Club is always looking for new committed members. So if you want to improve your college resume with a bit of work and a bit of fun, then consider the NHD Club.

Past Events:

Jarrito Fundraiser - 4 /1/23 

Throughout the month of March we held our monthly fundraiser as we sold Jarritos and a variety of chips. We had sold several boxes of Turbos, Lays and we even offered chamoy and lemon juice. While we were not as involved with fundraising and school events, we will be more active in this coming school year!

Cake-pop Fundraiser

Although we have not been active in our sales during the month of April. This month, May, the NHD Club will be selling cake-pops throughout the entire month. Many NHD Club members will be selling these cake-pops throughout the month. Our flavors and cake-pop inventory will change each week, so get them while you can. We thank Izzy's Cake Pops for supporting us!

8th Grade Orientation - 4/1/22

The ASB ran event allowed us to promote our club to the oncoming Freshmen. While there was a great turnout from other schools, we had an exceptional time working and having fun as a club. And our Vice-President helped make a promotional video during that time.

Esquite Fundraisers - 3/24/22

This week Thursday, March 24th, the NHD club will be selling Esquite. The Esquite will be $3, and be sold in front of attendance. We will be selling lemon juice, crushed Cheetos, and red chile flakes for an additional $0.50. During this time, we will be selling our usual Jarritos ($2.00) and chips ($1.00). This probably will be our last time we are selling Esquite for this month.

Photo from the NHD Club Instagram

Photos taken at the Orange County Department of Education, on the NHD Club Instagram. 

NHD County - 3/12/22

Congratulations to the NHD project submissions into NHD County. Especially the following three submissions:

Yazmin Santana, County Champion Podcast: "The African Mine Workers' Strike: The Struggle for Better Working Conditions"

Joshua Vu, Runner-Up Exhibit: "The Antarctic Treaty: The Icy Pursuit for Diplomacy."

Kimberly Santana, Best Interview: "Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Female Doctor."

And a special mention for Jonathan Vu for his role in assisting these projects. We will be supporting Yazmin's hard work in the state competition against other champions across California.