Therapeutic Colour and Sound Immersions
Utilising the Sensora system

Bringing Renewal, Peace and Balance to the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body

For the first time in Australia, Sensora Light Modulation and Colour Therapy is available to the public!

A tool to support our:

Physical Health

Studies on Light Modulation Therapy show it can support the healing of a range of physical conditions such as:

Chronic pain*

Mental and Emotional Health

Studies on Light Modulation Therapy show it can support the healing of a range of mental and emotional stressors, such as:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder*

Depression and Burnout*

Anxiety and Stress*

Mental Tension* and Overwhelm

Autonomic Nervous System

Studies on Light Modulation Therapy show it can support the healing of nervous system dysregulation causes such as:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder*

By providing a safe, contained and sensation focused space for relaxation, our autonomic nervous system is given the opportunity to settle back into the desired para-sympathetic state of rest and digest.

Sensory Pleasure, Relaxation + Creativity

What would it feel like to be given full permission to relax out of the thinking mind in to the feeling body?

Bathed in a strikingly beautiful array of colours, soothed by the kinesthetic vibration of a comfortable reclining chair, reveling in the delights of an eclectic soundscape,

an experience in the Sensora Dome will be like nothing you have felt before.

* For all formal references to the above information, please click the 'Learn more' button below any of the sections, then check out our "What are the possible benefits of Colour Therapy?" section.


"It was absolutely amazing. Mind blowing. The colours were exquisite. I went into a very deep journey - just taken away from this world. I feel like I can cope with the world. Truly beautiful"

- Elisabeth

“That was so good. I expanded right out of my body. I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever during the whole session. I loved the colour as it pulsed to the music, especially the deep reds. It really feels like ‘food’.

- A, O., chronic rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, prone to depression, 4 months post cancer surgery

“I loved the vibration. The colours were so beautiful, many I had never seen before. It's inspired me to use more colour in my own work.”

- H, McK.

“By the third phase, my grandparents and father ‘came up’. I realised I never really got to say goodbye to them. I went through a whole journey of my life. I saw myself playing the drum on the beach, living my life simply, naturally. I saw the layers of how I would get to do these things. I could see where I am presently and where I wanted to be.”

D, M. - complex childhood trauma and related anxiety

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