9:30 AM Breakfast reception

10:00 AM Introduction

10:05 AM Rudy Behnia (Columbia University) - Wavelength processing and spectral opponency in Drosophila

10:45 AM Elise Savier (University of Virginia) - Locomotion-independent encoding of visual motion in the superior colliculus

11:00 AM Mahmut Demir (Yale University) - Visualized odor encounters show how navigation is driven by whiff timing

11:15 AM Coffee Break reception

11:45 AM Priya Rajasethupathy (The Rockefeller University) - Prefrontal contributions to memory processing

12:25 PM Estefania Azevedo (The Rockefeller University) - The role of Drd2 hippocampal neurons in context-dependent food intake

12:40 PM Gonzalo Otazu (New York Institute of Technology) - Odor identification in the presence of novel background odors: olfactory captchas

12:55 PM Lunch Break reception / Poster Session / Exhibitors visit

3:00 PM Adrián Rodriguez-Contreras (The City College of New York) - Developmental plasticity in the auditory brainstem: From neural cells

to blood vessels, and why you should care

3:40 PM Arnab Barik (National Institutes of Health) - A brainstem-spinal circuit controlling nocifensive behavior

3:55 PM Erin Glennon (New York University) - Neuromodulation enhances plasticity in a rodent model of cochlear implant use

4:10 PM Coffee Break reception

4:40 PM David Schneider (New York University) - Neural activity in mouse auditory cortex reflects expectations and violations

5:20 PM Nikolai M. Chapochnikov (Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation) - Does the fly know PCA? Evidence for whitening from connectomics

and neural activity in olfaction

5:35 PM Chris Rodgers (Columbia University) - The sensorimotor strategies and neuronal representations of whisker-based object recognition in mice

5:55 PM Closing Remarks

6:15 PM Reception at Albion Bar (575 2nd Avenue between 31st and 32nd street - MAP)