Species groups and events

Recorders and Tsars

SEDN works by supporting the “Tsars” - county recorders and equivalent experts in species identification - who take responsibility for compiling a database for their specialist species group. It is not an easy job to create such databases, and the Tsars need a wide range of skills to be able to do this. Some of the Tsars organise or are members of recording groups, but this is not obligatory and SEDN does not usually support groups directly.

One of the aims of SEDN is to build and support a viable network of recorders, and to that end we provide funding and encourage recorders and groups to raise money, deliver services and act in their own interests, as well as in the interest of nature conservation.

A list of the species recording groups with contact details is available from the Shropshire Council web site:


Many of these groups hold field meetings which are open to anyone to attend and most are free. The calendar below displays some of these events.

Other calendars that may be of interest include: