Shropshire Ecological Data Network

Access data


We make these freely available for you to browse through and use as you please. Ecological consultants, land managers, academics and anyone else interested in the county's wildlife is encouraged to make use of these resources. Click on the links above to access them.

Make a data enquiry

SEDN does not produce data reports like other Local Records Centres do. You can either access our databases yourself and undertake your own analyses and interpretations or, if you prefer, you can pay someone else to do so. Telford Council offer this service. Contact them at:


We produce a lot of short reports about wildlife in Shropshire, which are all in our Dropbox folder (click on the link to the left).


  • Botanical Society Newsletters
  • Shropshire Entomology
  • Shropshire Dragonfly News

All these are in the Dropbox folder.

Other publications

We attempt to catalogue and store as many documents as we can about Shropshire's wildlife.