Submit a record

The best way to contribute records to SEDN is via the appropriate Tsar, who can verify the identification and compile data into the appropriate format.

Otherwise, feel free to put incidental records into iRecord and we will periodically extract data from there. Ornithologists should submit records via:

Botanists should use this Shropshire Recording Card - print it off, fill it in, then photograph it with your mobile phone and send us the image.

Alternatively, use this Excel Spreadsheet to put your recording into. It lists all the commoner plants of the county. Put a 1 in the second column by the plant you recorded, then sort the list by column 2 and delete the rest. Then add the site, grid reference, date, etc.

Places to survey

There are several reasons for choosing a survey location:

  • It can often be just chance recording while doing other things. Several under-recorder species are very well recorded near the homes of the experts.
  • It may be based on an analysis that shows areas of little or no previous recording for that species group.
  • It may be to look for an uncommon species that hasn't been recorded for some time.
  • It may be part of a structured survey or monitoring programme
  • It can also be to check areas that are threatened with land use change such as housing development to help identify any notable species before plans are approved.

SEDN can help analyse data to direct survey that includes most of the reasons listed above. We can:

  • produce maps showing areas with few of no records that would benefit from survey. The Fields Studies Centre, as part of their Tomorrow's Biodiversity project, created excellent online species maps such as for Springtails. Select 'all species' from the map here:
  • come up with a list of uncommon species where recent records would be very useful. These could also include just species where identification is easy. Talking to the species recording groups also helps here to make sure your efforts are well targeted.
  • Several survey and monitoring programmes are currently underway in Shropshire. A list is available here: ???? CfGA, NPMS, Garden Birds, Big Butterfly Count;