My Productivity System

My system is broken down into:

  • Capture, Categorization, and Organization

    • Reference into Collections

    • Project or Tasks into next actions, calendar, or do someday (depends on urgency and importance)


  • PROJECT: a set of tasks toward a goal

    • TASKS: an actionable item

  • COLLECTIONS: store information that might be useful to reference later


  • Capture: Google Keep, Gmail, or Post Its

  • Categorization and Organization: Notion

  • Google Calendar

  • Gmail

  • After capturing,

  • What is it and is it Actionable?

    • No,

      • If it just needs time, put it in the "Do Someday" list

      • Save it as reference material in your COLLECTIONS (I use Notion lists)

      • Throw it away

    • Yes, then what is the next step?

      • If it takes less than 2 mins, just do it (or save it for an hour chunk to do all these quick tasks, e.g. emails)

      • If it takes longer then,

        • Do PROJECT planning to define TASKS (a whiteboard or something - I like post its, and then make a list of tasks for each project)

        • Defer to CALENDAR or delegate it to someone else