Properties: Heavy, stiff, strong, hard. Good bending properties and shock resistance, lower decay resistance. Kiln dries well, retains shape. Nails and screws moderately well.

Uses: Furniture-especially bent wood chairs. Paneling, Cabinets, Sporting goods-bats, oars, water skis. Tool handles-rakes, hoes, shovels, etc.


Properties: Light, soft, weak. Stable after seasoning. Lower nail holding property, but resists splitting. Easily worked, glues and holds paint well.

Uses: Core stock for high grain veneer panels for furniture. Interior trim-doors, sashes, etc. Luggage, Piano, Keys, Honey Boxes, Crates, Pulpwood.


Properties: Heavy, strong, shock resistant, readily bent under steam. Holds nails well, has tendency to split. Heavier than most hardwoods. It requires care in kiln drying and working.

Uses: Furniture-especially unfinished, bent stock, chair backs and rungs. Paneling, Flooring, Toys, Novelties. Food Containers, Boxes, Handles, Millwork, Ties, Cooperage


Properties: Hard, heavy, strong, high shock resistance.

Uses: Furniture, Paneling, Interior Trim, Toys, Novelties, Woodwork, Cabinets.

Hard Maple

Properties: Heavy, strong, stiff, high resistance to shock and abrasive wear. Holds nails well. Glues, stains, turns, carves and polishes well.

Uses: Furniture, Interior Trim, Millwork, Handles, Paneling, Cabinets, Wooden-wear, Toys, Bowling Pins, Shoe heels, Flooring-truck beds, ballrooms, skating rinks, bowling alleys, textile plants and other floors.

Soft Maple

Properties: Strong, stiff, staple. Softer, lighter in weight. Readily worked, holds nails well. Glues, finishes satisfactorily.

Uses: Furniture, Veneers, Unfinished Furniture, Interior Finishing, Cabinets, Novelties, Boxes, Crates, Ties, Pulpwood. Distilled to make acetic acid and wood alcohol.


Properties: Stiff, strong, stable, resistant to shock. Moderately hard and heavy. Bends and glues well. Great stability makes it popular for carpentry levels, pattern making and backing for print plates.

Uses: Fine Furniture, Fine Veneer, Interior Trim, Paneling, Cabinets, Instrument Cases.


Properties: Very hard, very heavy, very strong. Appalachian Hickory easier to work than that from other regions.

Uses: Furniture, Handles, Cabinetry, Sporting Goods-Gymnastic parallel bars, skis.

Red Oak

Properties: Very heavy, hard and stiff. High wear and shock resistance. Ring porous-one can blow through wood endwise. Pores grow smaller from spring to summer wood.

Uses: Fine & Unfinished Furniture, Flooring, Paneling, Interior Trim, Cabinets, Truck Bodies and Floors. Very porous. Great for Crossties, Mine Timbers, Posts.

White Oak

Properties: Very heavy, hard and strong. Ring porous. Abrupt variation in pore size from springwood to distinctly smaller in summerwood. Extra care required in seasoning.

Uses: Fine Furniture, Unfinished Furniture, Flooring, Sub-flooring, Interior Trim, Cabinets, Handles, Boxes, Farm Implements, Boats, Ships, Barrels, Kegs, Casks.


Properties: Diffuse, porous, lightweight. Moderately stiff, relatively stable, easily worked.

Uses: Furniture, Veneer Cores, Paneling, Cabinets, Pattern Stock, Weatherboard, Siding, Interior Trim-window sashes, door frames, woodwork, molding.


Properties: Heavy, hard, strong, stiff, stable and has good shock resistance. Easily worked with hand or machine tools, readily carved, turned, glued and polished.

Uses: High Quality Furniture, Fine Veneers, Custom Cabinets and Paneling. Gunstocks, Interior Trim, Special Flooring, Woodwork.