Teak and Holly

Teak and Holly

Standard Specs:

Panel Size- ¾ x 4' x 8'

Pattern Spacing- ~1 ¾” Teak ~3/16” Light Inlay

Metric Specs:

Panel Size- 20mm x 1220mm x 2500mm

Pattern Spacing- 45mm Teak and 5mm Light Inlay

1.5mm thickness veneer extra thick for durability

Our imported Bruynzeel Marine Teak and Holly Plywood features a traditional cabin sole pattern with alternating strips of teak (1.77" wide) and contrasting light wood (0.157" wide) The panels are 4' x 8' with the veneer pattern running in the 8' direction. A 1.5 mm-thick "teak & holly" veneer face is laminated to a okoume core plywood core and is constructed with waterproof glues for exterior application


Face Veneer is 1.5mm thicknesses compared to 1.0 mm thicknesses found on most other cabin sole panels

Bruynzeel is a long standing and well known manufacturer distinguished for high quality in marine plywoods