Learning Support

Catholics with disabilities, like all Catholics, are incorporated into the Body of Christ as integral members. While schools do not discriminate against students with special needs, a full range of services may not always be available to them. Decisions concerning the admission and continued enrollment of a student in the school are done at the school level and are based upon the student's emotional, academic, and physical abilities and the resources available to the school in meeting the student's needs.

SD Catholic Learning Support:

Mission: The Learning Support Network promotes the inclusion of children with varying needs and abilities in Catholic Schools by providing a forum for networking, professional learning, and collaborative support for school personnel in the Diocese of San Diego.

Members of SD Catholic Learning Support Steering Committee:

  • Mrs. Jacquelyn Ackman, Mater Dei Catholic High School
  • Mrs. Wendy Bertellotti, St. Michael's, Poway
  • Mrs. Theresa Coyle, St. John, Encinitas
  • Ms. Feather Gentry, St. John, Encinitas
  • Ms. Meghan Heinke, Notre Dame Academy
  • Ms. Kristin Klant, Our Lady of Grace
  • Mrs. Julia Marentez, Good Shepherd
  • Ms. Erika Rosas, Sacred Heart Coronado
  • Mrs. Kim Wolf, Stella Maris Academy
  • Dr. Julie Cantillon, Associate Director for Schools

Dates/Topics for General Meetings (all meetings are at the Pastoral Center)

Meeting #1: October 12, 2:00-4:00pm

    • Topic: K-16 Learning Support Articulation
    • Join our Catholic university, high schools, and K-8 teachers in a discussion focused on Learning Support & inclusive practices in our Catholic system of schools in the Diocese of San Diego.

Meeting #2: January 11, 2:00-4:00pm

    • Topic: Dyslexia Simulation
    • The International Dyslexia Association San Diego Branch attracts and provides professional expertise that supports parents, teachers, students, and others who are affected by dyslexia. http://sdcal.dyslexiaida.org/

Meeting #3: April 12, 2:00-4:00pm

    • Topic: Differentiation in the Catholic School Classroom (process, product, content, & disposition)

Learning Support resources can be found on this website.

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