South Carolina Return to Learn

Family Engagement

Mission of the project

The goal of SC Return to Learn is to provide all SC students with a high quality digital education ecosystem to support remote learning through digital resources. This page will help improve communication between schools and families to support remote learning.

Learning Engagement Coaches

The Learning Engagement Coaches from the SCDE Office of Early Learning and Literacy work to empower families, strengthen communities, and help students succeed on their journey to kindergarten. Learning Engagement Coaches collaborate with districts, schools, and local service agencies to support families across South Carolina.

Meet your Learning Engagement Coaches:

Click each image for more information on regions and coaches.

Samantha Reynolds

Region 1: Orange Districts

Jennifer Stark

Region 2: Blue Districts

Sharonda Johnson

Region 3: Green Districts

Lydia Carnesale

Region 4: Yellow Districts

Josephine Appleby

Region 5: Red Districts

Wendy Burgess

Team Leader, Office of Early Learning and Literacy


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