- Amazing Music HAS been Received from a participating school.

Each grade created a four movement 'Symphony' based on the story of Migaloo.

They created these four sections which are a clever and concise summary of the story.

What an amazing school!!

First Movement

The Birth of Migaloo

Second Movement

Migration of the Humpback Whales

Third Movement

Predators and Danger

Fourth Movement


The students divided into small groups and worked on one movement each. They created compositional guidelines using adjectives which described their section. They then chose instruments and created a movement which brought that section of the story to life using music. See examples below.


First section

Smooth, gentle, calm, talking about Migaloo’s birth

Beach washy foam.calm meditation. Happy, Relaxing and Quiet

Alice, Amy, Alexandra, Eloise, Vespa,

Second Section

Go deeper, still gentle and calm though, because now we are talking about the whale song changing and taking the whales on their journey. Their migration. Start soft and gradually get louder.

Maya, Leah, Ava, Asha, Erica

Third Section

Louder, deeper, jumpy, scarier, frightening, sharks and giant waves, storms, danger, catastrophic, fast music talking about the dangerous part of their trip. Crashes and bangs.scary drama/dramatic out of control, slapping tails.

Hannah, Daniel, Cameron, Ella, Josh, Oscar, Sol, Tyler, Baby Bui, Alexander, Will

Fourth Section

Deep south, Antarctica. Calm, plenty of water, icebergs, food, other sea creatures, friends. Smooth. Soft volume for relaxation, Change of instruments, peaceful, calm and gentle. Relieving sounds. time like a clock.

Hayley and Adelle, Michael and Jackson



First Section

Calm, gentle beat, times with silence, slow and soft, smooth, medium at times, up and down in pitch, feel quite, happy, relaxed, voices making the whale sounds, waves moving softly, cheerful, low temper(not angry) peaceful and use glockenspiels softly and fast but slow, splashy, wooshy sort of sound fast bat not to fast

Aidan, Remy, Molly, Angelica, Leroy, Jude

Second Section

Waves are starting to crash a bit more, a bit excited, maybe a little nervous too about the journey, crescendo, echoing sounds, tiring,building up towards not too loud not too soft.

Start doing whale sounds.

Mary-Grace, Isla, Layla, Chloe, Alexander P

Third Section

Jumpy, loud, high, low, fast, dangerous, crashing, deeper, scary, wavy, desperate, anxious, drums banging, shaking, rumbling, darker, frightened, cloudy, rough, violent, hear a big smack, thwack, dern, dern, dern (but not too loud) (ONLY “LOUD” ON PERFORMANCE!!!) William, Curtis,Ethan, Thomas, Matilda, Alessandro,

Chiara, xavier

Fourth Section

Change of instruments, safe and calm, gliding, crackly slow beat, icy cold, peaceful, soft, sounds that we haven’t used before, as doing mediation, happy relieved happy back to start icy relaxing glad excited amazed

Cara, Bridgit, Rachael, Julia, Hannah, Mary, Angus,



First Movement

Migaloo being born/ A new start

Calm, slow- lento, soft- piano, gentle, quiet like meditation music, peaceful, beautiful, thumb piano, chimes

Sienna stay loud

Orlando, Alyssa, Sophie, Sienna, Johnny, Charlie

Second Movement

Migration People / Time to move

Piano, not too loud and busy, a little jumpy-staccato, fast - presto, ecstatic, adventurous, happy, anxious, hopeful, whale song that repeats as a theme in this music, red boomwhacker for whalesong, overwhelming

Boomwhacker up for Cooper’s calls

Aaron, Will, Cooper, Oliver, Miranda.

Third Movement

Sharks! Danger! Whalesong / Not so safe place

Percussion instruments drum bangs to start, dark, fast and loud, getting faster, and stopping/pauses/interrupted music, whalesong calling for help, going up, boomwhackers, nerve-wracking, cymbals, piano/keyboard

No keyboard at the end, Big bang, ff, Spread out for recording, Keyboard P at the start, CRESCENDO, Oliver

Isabella H,Isabella F, Jessica, Scarlett, Armani, Olivia, Grace G

Fourth Movement

Arriving in Antarctica / A Whole New World

Joyful, happy, relaxed, safe, cool waters, ukelele, xylophone/glockenspiel, new, calm, excitement, tropical, home, comfortable, fresh, peaceful, harmony, meditation like, bells, chime bars.

Lose boomwhackers, and add maracas, triangles and cymbals, alternate loud and soft, individual sounds then find a time to bring it all together

Sebastian, Liam, Jesse, Shija, Francesca, Sophia



First Movement

The Birth of Migaloo

Joy, soft - piano, happiness, high pitched, long and legato, content, classical, safe

Get rid of the cow bell

Two wooden xylophones and one Glockenspiel, pp,

Audrey, Tom, Oliver, Cooper, Chiara, Mia

Second Movement

Migration of the Humpback Whales

Changing, waves changing, calm and soft changing to a little bit rough and crashing, whale calls strong and loud, low pitch alternating with high pitch

same sounds over and over again [ change it a bit]

When the bells come in it's a bit loud.

Do the pattern twice mix it up then repeat.

Triangle soft sounds. Two whale calls not one.

Too long, it doesn't make sense.

Harry, Jasmine, Zac, Isabella M, Katya

Third Movement

Predators and Danger

Loud, high scream-like, fast, banging sounds, accelerando then deccelerando, crescendo and decrescendo, staccato, thrash

Lose egg maracas

Matthew, Darren, Cindy, Brigid, Kibrom, Dylan, Jacob, Christian, Ciaan

Fourth Movement


Soft wind blowing, piano sounds, smooth sailing, gentle whale calls, ukelele, violin heaven sound, bells, bar chimes

Arek, Scarlett, Mackenzie, Millie, Ava, Darcie


Student song idea #1

Listen to the song idea below.

Can you create a new part to the song?

Which character in the story do you think could sing this song?


Listen to the song below by Annie Kwok.

Choose some words from the list which describe the mood of the song.

celebration lonely hopeful reckless angry peaceful

remorseful lazy chaotic smooth bumpy still

playful dark bouncing flowing spinning friendly