Welcome to our Farm

We are a family farm located in central Kansas.

We Notill farm and believe this is the best way to protect our land and produce crops sustainably.

We have a diversified cropping plan and rotate aggressively to reduce weed and disease pressure.

We utilize the latest technologies in precision farming to improve our efficiencies.

We are detail oriented and do on-farm research to improve our knowledge of what works best on our farm.

Visit our daughter's blog for an informative view of life on and off the farm.

Ann is a dietitian and shares her knowledge of food and nutrition as well as informing others of the practices and challenges of modern agriculture.

She has written articles on crop rotations, sustainability, grain prices and fertilizer. I'll highlight others in the following pages.

Go ahead and check out her site on your own, though, if you are the least bit curious about farming and food.

Come see us:

Lee and Margaret Scheufler

1825 22nd Rd

Sterling, KS 67579