There are seasonal aspects to farming: we stay busy much of the year planting, spraying and harvesting.

During the winter we enjoy some down time and also attend educational meetings to improve our farming skills.

Management and decision making is ongoing with equipment and crop input purchases such as seed, fertilizer or chemical purchase. We also review cropping plans and grain sales.

The land we farm is our most valuable resource and we continually challenge ourselves to learn the best practices to protect and safeguard it for the next generation.

Our farming operation is diversified with both dryland and irrigated crops consisting of wheat, corn, soybeans and milo. We have an intensive crop rotation and have done research concerning the use of cover crops.

We have streamlined our equipment needs with Notill farming. We use specialized planting equipment and own a sprayer so we can make applications timely. The combine and semi trucks and trailers for harvesting

We built a Grain Storage facility to lessen labor needs at harvest time and spread our workload year round.