Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The Task Force on Women's Leadership was founded in 1996 by Mayor Debra Johnson for the express purpose of promoting leadership skills to our high school girls. In 2000 the Task Force on Women's Leadership was renamed the South Brunswick Commission on Women. The new group's purpose widened to include Domestic Violence Awareness. The South Brunswick Commission on Women is run on a strictly volunteer basis. Its members are appointed by the mayor and are granted commissions of varying lengths of time. The membership includes adults and high school students. Each spring, the Commission sponsors a Women’s Leadership Conference. This event brings together female students as well as adults, and leaders from our community and beyond; all working toward the goal that today’s young women become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Goals

To develop a program to encourage leadership in young women

To aid young women in developing the skills necessary for leadership roles.

To provide role models for young women.

To provide young women with networking opportunities.

To empower young women.