South Brunswick Commission on Women

Trending now until 04/02/2020 : Voting for SBHS Finalist Sawini Sunkuru for her song: "A FIGHTER" NEW JERSEY SHOUT DOWN Sunkuru : I’m a singer and songwriter and why I love music so much is because of how many hearts I get to reach and it makes me feel stronger and have confidence in myself. The instruments that were played in this song were the bass, guitar and piano. My future goals are to get my music out there and hopefully get to perform in front of a big audience.

SBCW Conference Registration open now:

SBCW meeting: Wdnesday, February 19, 2020- Public Works/Utility Building at 7 pm

SBCW 2020 Scholarship Opportunity now closed

South Brunswick Commission on Women is thanking for the participation in the Suicide Prevention Awareness Eventon Sunday, September 29, 2019 at Woodlot Park

Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Thank You All who participated and enjoyed our

22nd Annual Women's Leadership Conference and Career Pathways

Member Directory

Vandana Aiyar - Chair

Bhavana Arya - Vice Chair

Joyce Mehta - Secretary

Beatrice Alexander - Treasurer

Margit Haas-Rethage - Commissioner

Tawanna Sampson - Commissioner

Liz Tillman - Commissioner

Nikita Arya - Student Commissioner

Delali Kumapley - Student Commissioner

SB Board of Education Liaison - tbd

Archana Grover - SB Township Liaison

Our Goals

To develop a program to encourage leadership in young women.

To aid young women in developing the skills necessary for leadership roles.

To provide role models for young women.

To provide young women with networking opportunities.

To empower young women.

South Brunswick Commission on Women 2018

South Brunswick Commission on Women 2016

In memoriam of former Mayor Frank Gambatese

Leadership . . . Empowerment . . . Inspiration

Thank you all for being part of SBCW's 20th Anniversary Leadership Conference and Career Pathways 2017