Designing The Best System

Houston, we have a problem. Deadly problem! Thousands of Americans are dying needlessly due to the inadequacies of the American healthcare system. The infant-mortality rate in Mississippi is worse than that of African country Botswana! Our healthcare system is killing far more Americans than terrorists or any foreign threat.

The problem deserves attention at the level of urgency of the moonshot project. The moonshot project was handled without ideological wrangling. Just imagine if there was an ideological battle between a camp convinced of solid-fuel rocketry vs. liquid-fuel rocket science. We would have lost the race to the moon to the Soviets. The situation is dire when America's infant-mortality rate is ranked inferior to Cuba's.

  • It is time to rise above ideological battle between "socialized" vs. "free-enterprise."
  • Obamacare has improved American healthcare but the cost remains too high. Obamacare is, actually, a bipartisan idea in that it was preceded by Romneycare in Massachusetts and originated at Heritage Foundation.
  • There are many pathways to more cost-effective care (See e.g. "How health care works around the world.") Dozens of other countries have demonstrated better results and at lower costs using a variety of systems. Ours is uniquely weird.
  • Designing healthcare delivery system will be best done by experts specializing in operations research (a field invented by physicists).
  • A computer-based artificial intelligence holds the best promise to design the most cost-effective healthcare-delivery system -- one that would catapult healthcare-quality indicators at lowest cost.
  • The best solution may work out to be not an ideologically pure one but a mixture.