On Repealing Obamacare

Obamacare has likely saved 100,000 American lives already just by covering millions of Americans not insured before. Also, America's ranking in the world in life-expectancy improved 9 places between 2013 and 2016, with similar improvement in infant mortality rate. All this, evidently, counts for nothing when President Trump calls Obamacare "a complete and total disaster."

This is not to deny that Obamacare has serious problems and needs fixing. A simple repeal, however, is not ever likely. American people now have a taste of Obamacare and have little appetite for going back to conditions pre-Obamacare featuring:

  • Unregulated unlimited profits by insurance industry.
  • Denial of insurance because of pre-existing condition
  • Large numbers of bankruptcies due to illness.
  • 46 million Americans left out uninsured.
  • Lack of emphasis on prevention.

With repeal no longer an option, there are only two choices left: Fix Obamacare or find a better alternative. President Obama has himself said that he too would support a replacement of Obamacare if a better alternative is presented.

The task, then, becomes developing a people-centered system that will be effective at saving more American lives and cost less at the same time.