Save London Motorcycling


Hackney Council's plans

Hackney Council have announced plans to charge motorcycles to park. We are going to do everything we can to fight these proposals, but we need your help.

Hackney Council's proposals include;

You can contact the Councillor responsible for these plans, Mete Coban, directly to let him know your thoughts on the charges.

Cllr Coban has agreed to meet with any Hackney resident who requests a meeting, so if you live in Hackney you can email Cllr Coban and your local councillor asking for a meeting to discuss the charges. A representative from Save London Motorcycling will be happy to come with you. 

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Request a solo motorcycle bay

There are only 40 motorcycle bays in Hackney and almost all of these are in the south of the Borough. 

Outside solo motorcycle bays the car parking rules will apply to motorcycles, meaning;

The means a ban on commuting by motorcycle in most parts of Hackney.

The Cllr responsible Mete Coban has said he will deal with this by installing new solo motorcycle bays where they are requested. Riders should email him to request a new bay if they need to park anywhere there isn't already one.

The map above shows the location of all the solo motorcycle bays in Hackney. Think about where you need to park in Hackney, or take a look at this map and to see where bays are needed. You can then email Cllr Coban using the button below to tell him where he needs to put more bays in.  Please be as specific as possible, and request as many bays as you think are needed. 

If you would like to get more involved in the campaign, please contact us directly at 

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