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Help us FIGHT the current Cashiers Marketplace Plan

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witness testimony by Cashiers Marketplace/Applicant witnesses (and cross-examination)

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Cashiers' Marketplace is a high density development proposed on 31 Acres on the forested Cashiers Ridge at the Crossroad

Phase 1 Phase 2 Narrative

Why do we oppose this plan in its current form?

o Too DENSE 

o Too much TRAFFIC

o Too many HOTEL ROOMS For Cashiers

o Too much EXCAVATION & Grading of Steep Slopes = Devastating Erosion

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Help us “honor the history, heritage, and authenticity of Cashiers’s village character through design of the built environment.”

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Who is Develop Cashiers Responsibly (DCR) ?

We are a group of full time and part time Cashiers residents that organically came together in  2020 in response to an overly dense development proposed on 50 acres at the Cashiers Crossroads that was not in character with the town of Cashiers. DCR has remained very active monitoring ongoing development trends in the Cashiers area to help ensure a broad community voice is heard and that the recommendations of the Urban Land Institute and Small Area Plan are implemented.  

DCR By the numbers:

Our focus is to:

brought to you through thousands of volunteer hours