Package Version 0.1.4

December 2018 - Minor Release - 4 Nodes + 1 Update + 2 Depreciation's

UPDATE NOTE: Coding credits have been added for all nodes, as I appreciate those who share and assist others on the forum.


❄_Arc By Points and Radius

This node creates an Arc using Start / End Points and a Radius. Options to Mirror and create the Arc on a specific Plane are included.

(Sastrugi Elements)

❄_Get All Elements in Project (DEPRECIATED)

DEPRECIATED NOTE: This node is a very inefficient way of gathering project information. Better ways can be found on the Forum.


❄_Find Coincident Reference Planes

This node groups Reference Planes that are coincident.

❄_Surface Plane

This node will extract a plane that best fits a surface.


❄_Group By Type Class

This node groups elements based on their API Type Class.


❄_Select PointCloud Points in View (UPDATED)

This node allows users to select a specific number of PointCloud Points by creating a selection region in the Active View.

UPDATE NOTE: This node has been updated to use a Region Selection method and to take Section boxes into account when outputting Points from Axonometric Views.


❄_Set Text Note Width (DEPRECIATED)

DEPRECIATED NOTE: This node was unreliable with newer versions of Dynamo.