❄_Shortest Path By Curve - Creating Elements along the Shortest Path

❄_Pick Points on Workplane - Changing Parameter Values based on Picked Path

❄_Split List At Index - Splitting a list at specific Elements

❄_Fit Points by Coordinate Systems - Best fit for points to construct a curve and scale it to match reference.

❄_Map to the Rainbow - Color overrides by Element location along curve.

❄_Set Sketchplane By Face - Create Element on Face parallel to Sketchplane.

❄_Select PointCloud Points in View - Create Wall from PointCloud Points.

UPDATE NOTE: This node has been updated to use a Region Selection method and to take Section boxes into account when outputting Points from Axonometric Views.

❄_Group By Type Class - Shuffled List Sorting

❄_Pointcloud Set Graphics Override for Scans - Visualizing Scan Locations

❄_Pointcloud RANSAC Plane Detection - Extracting Wall and Floor Points