Dr Sarah E. I.

Public Talks

I give public talks on the first billion years, cosmology, and astronomy in general. I speak in both English and French to a wide range of audiences, from schools to astronomy societies to science festivals and museums. I have made over 50 public appearances.

My most popular talk is `Cosmology after the first five Minutes'. Once the first moments of physical madness have passed, the history of our Universe is driven by the familiar concepts of temperature and gravity. But it is far from uneventful! The Universe has gone through multiple epochs from its featureless, pure gas beginnings to the present day. Have you ever wondered when the first star formed? What was it like? When did the Universe first become transparent and what caused it? How did galaxies acquire the spiral shapes we see today? When and how could planets start to assemble? Movies obtained from the latest cosmological simulations and recent observations illustrate these stages of the life of the Universe, in a tour of our cosmic history.

I have given talks on other topics too, usually more focussed on a particular aspect of cosmic history or the way it has been investigated:

  • Dark Matter: it's definitely real and here is why

  • How supermassive black holes and galaxies have evolved hand in hand throughout the ages

  • Simulating the Universe on supercomputers (with many pretty movies)

  • The birth, lives and death of galaxies

  • The limits of the observable: a tour of the most distant objects in the Universe

Don't hesitate to contact me if you would likle to arrange a talk!

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Dangerous Cosmology: the astronomy of Elite Dangerous

As part of the Distant Worlds 2 event in the video game Elite Dangerous, I featured in a weekly radio show and wrote some articles for the newsletter. These cover the current state-of-the art knowledge on various topics of astronomy, and draw parallels with the astronomy in the game! Read them here.

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