Tom Metcalfe

Tom is the head instructor of the SANSHU UK Shaolin school of Kung Fu. He has been studying martial arts from the age of 15. He successfully opened the first SANSHU UK Kung Fu school in 2008 and has taught hundreds of people over the years and made a lot of life long friends. He has studied under the Shaolin Monks and various other systems. He has competed and trained in many countries including, Germany, Japan and the Philippines. Alongside this Tom has worked in the film industry for Warner Brothers and Starred in both Justice League and King Arthur. He was also fortunate enough to attend a workshop with Master Wu Bin and still teaches the chang quan pattern today. Training he has undertaken includes, Wing Tsun, Lau Gar, Boxing, Kickboxing, Arnis, Karate and recently ninjitsu. His base is Shaolin Kung Fu, but believes that Martial Arts is about endless discovery and will jump at the opportunity to improve himself an his craft. Always teaches with a smile. No politics in his teaching or cult like dedication to one specific thing. Tom promotes self improvement and a better quality of life. Willing to help anyone that wants to learn and progress.

Henry Simons

Henry grew up in New York and has been practicing martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu for more years than Tom has been alive! Henry has been a closed door student to Tom for at least the last 7 years and is a specialists in effective self defense. He heads the Wednesday self defense sessions in West Wickham. Henry is quite possibly the nicest guy alive, the sort of guy to KO you with a smile and then pay for your hospital fees. Quite possibly the most philosophical man Tom has ever met.

Karl Clarke

Karl Clarke is an instructor at SANSHU UK. Karl joined the club at the age of 17 in 2009. Karl specialises in forms and weapons. Karl has learnt many forms including Xiao Hong Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Hei Hu Quan and Chang Quan. He teaches a variety of weapons including Chinese broad sword, staff and 9 section chain whip. Karl has competed at the martial arts all styles international federation coming 1st and performed on stage in Kent multiple times. He has a passion for forms and the ability to pass on his knowledge to people of all levels.


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