Pay & Donate

There are many ways you can donate to our school

Helping out

Offering new or used equipment for our students to use

Donating to help contribute towards

Sparring Gear

Skipping Ropes


Spare Uniform

Medicine balls

Various training equipment for children and adults alike

SANSHU UK is looking to become more of an established school and only through the help of our students is this possible.

Our goal is to set up classes through the week and eventually own our own training grounds in the UK to make training more affordable.

We have lately invested in new sparring equipment, 15 skipping ropes, head guards, shin guards, boxing gloves to name a few. We have bought shoes for students to train in under financial difficulty and provided unpaid training where needed.

We value each and every single student at our club as if they were family.

If you would like to contribute financially please do so by using the tabs below.

Thank you for your kindness