Meet Dr. Chism

Dr. Nathaniel Chism, N.D

Dr. Chism graduated from the Clayton school Natural Healing in Birmingham Alabama with a Doctor of naturopathy N.D. in 1994. 

He was the founder and chief of staff of the African Holistic Healing Center in Youngstown Ohio from 1995 until 2010 when he retired. 

Dr. Chism has been actively involved in network marketing since 1974 and has been with CTFO, a leading nutritional  supplement company since 2018. As a traditional naturopath Dr. Chism believes that God put everything on this planet that we need for healing. 

Dr. Chism does not practice allopathic medicine and does not diagnose disease nor prescribe any medicine. Through traditional naturopathy he teaches his students to use natural healing modalities vitamins, herbs, clean food and water and air to allow their bodies to heal the way God intended. 

Dr. Chism is also a longevity coach, and has started a longevity coaching school for fellow associates through apprenticeships. Dr. Chism believes there’s a place for all doctors, from chiropractic doctors,  to osteopaths, aleopathec practioners and more. 

As the blues brothers use to say "we’re on a mission from God",  and that mission is to bring good health and wealth to people all over the world.  In the Scriptures  Third John 1:2 says "I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health ". Our Health ministry is built around making our world great again. We need to all get on TEAM HUMAN..... Go planet.