Longetivty Coaching


The majority of us think of aging as a gradual and slow downhill slide. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We know that so-called disease and deterioration that seem to pop up overtime is mostly influenced by our environment, thinking and how we live our lives. You don’t have to get old while you age. 

What is a longevity coach? 

Our coaches are caring and concerned entrepreneurs, ministers as well as teachers that we train to be health and wellness professionals. We teach you how to coach others online as well as off-line. We teach you how to perform, look and feel better as you age, as well as teach others the same. We take Genesis chapter 6 verse 3 very seriously. We know that your students are confused by the vast amount of information provided on healthcare and wellness and they don’t know where to start. We teach you how to help them. 

Everyone has busy lives today they struggle to prioritize looking after their own health and want to feel, look and perform better. As a coach you have the ability to bless and guide others with this type of coaching. Many people are concerned that as their physical and mental capabilities are diminishing and affecting the quality of their life. They’re afraid and worried about it stopping them from doing the things they enjoy. We help them to restore that self-confidence with our professional and holistic coaching, while also teaching them about nutrition. 

So the question becomes are you someone with a deep interest in health, helping others, and making a difference in the world? If so this this training is for you. Join our fitness and longevity team now! Elevate your health and fitness journey with Sankofa Longevity Coaching and unlock your full potential to help others as well as yourself. 


Full and partial scholarships available. Contact your up line team leader or Dr. Chism for more information.