Genesis 6:3 "...their days will be a hundred and twenty years."


Sankofa Ministries is dedicated to natural holistic healing. We believe in healing not only the physical, but spiritual, mental, and monetary well being of all mankind. The world in which we live is complicated and yet very simple. The healing all begins here. 

Our mission is to set up natural healing ministries in every church, mosque, and synagogue, or any type of religious or business organization that wants its people and personnel to be naturally healthy. 

Our job is to teach that all people and animals can be healthy and live a long life, with proper instruction, action, and nutrition. 


Aging  should now be  classified  a disease.  At least 3 million cells die every second of every day. Your amazing human body however replicates 300 billion new cells every day with close to 200 million cells per minute. To stay on top of this we have to ask, are YOU using the most superior nutrition products for cell replication? We have figured out how to reverse the aging process by providing high speed nutrition in a  nutritionally  deprived world. 

The only real way to reverse or at least slow aging down is by correcting or rebooting things at the cellular level. Are your cells regenerating, or are they getting older, creating more disease and dying? There is only one effective way to enhance cell regeneration and to reverse aging and that is at the Nano Cellular level.