Get Started:

Build a Donkey Car

Before you start

DIY is never an easy process but the experience will be rewarding.

Be prepared to troubleshoot and you will learn a lot of about electronics, hardware, coding and machine learning through the journey.

Get started

  1. Obtain a starter kit or buy parts:
    • Buy a starter kit:

The starter kit includes everything you need to get started.

2. Follow the instructions in:

Basically, the steps are:

      1. Putting the hardware together.
      2. Install the donkey car software on your Raspberry Pi and PC.
      3. Calibrate the throttle and steering.
      4. Drive with web controller or joystick.

5. Train the autopilot.

3. If you encounter any difficulties, you may check or discuss in:

4. Join our meet up to practice and share your experience.

5. Explore and modify you car as you wish.