Frank Arata

Having visited his first time in Jaipur, Frank so enjoyed the children's indomitable spirit. He helped teach a few classes and donated learning items to the children.

Taransukh Aline

Aline contributes energetic grace with her life as presence art with gifts of photography, creating images we can provide as a portal with her heartfelt, wonderful work to see Saksham's women and children.

John Leon

Owner Nitin was unable to present in Italy to investors; John met him on this day. Using tech & business development skills we were able to comprise a plan to implement the next stage Q4 2019 business plan for Saksham and Anashari.


Join us! Stay with Nitin and Deepti in Jiapur AirBNB, walk to the school after a roadside stand steaming chai fresh from the vendor, and meet our children and women to make India an even better place, with your unique mark.