Centre for Applied Nanosciences

Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

In our research, we focus on the usage of light to address and unveil the problems that fall into the category of interfacial and nanobiophotonics. I attempt to bridge the gap between insight-driven research on the fundamental level and applied research by bringing novel ideas having emerged from the former into the context of practical applications. For that, I mainly harness the photons to probe and understand the Nano/Bio/Photonics Systems and trying to integrate them for the next generation applications. My major areas of research are Nanoscale Surface Engineering for Photonics and Healthcare Applications, Spectroscopy integrated particle manipulation techniques, Applied Nanoscience, Laser Spectroscopic techniques for biophotonics and environmental applications.

The specific areas that I am working at the moment...

1) Applied Nanoscience and Photonics

2) Nanoscale Surface Engineering for Photonics and Healthcare Applications

3) Photothermal Methods (Thermal lens microscopy)

4) Spectroscopy integrated Particle Manipulation Techniques

5) Nanosensors


January - 2020

Giving an invited talk at American University of Sharjah on 15/1/2020 on femtosecond laser interactin with matter

Our students Ms. Alina, Ms. Lakshmi, Ms. Monisha, Mr. Suresh presenting their work National Laser Symposium NLS-28 at VIT, Chennai

Our students Mr. Aravind, Mr. Swithin and Ms. Dhanada presenting their work at 107th Indian Science Congress at Bengaluru.

December - 2019

Organizing an International Conference of Nanoscience and Photonics for Medical Applications https://conference.manipal.edu/icnpma2019/

Giving an invited talk at Nanojatha at NITTE, Mangalore

October - 2019

Our latest work "Echelle LIBS-Raman System: A versatile tool for mineralogical and archaeological applications" is accepted in Talanta

August 2019

We received intramural grant from Manipal Academy of Higher Education to initiate research work on nanostructured contact lenses.

We are inviting application for a JRF position in a DST funded project. Interested Candidates can contact

We are inviting application for a JRF position under Dr TMA Pai Ph.D scholarship scheme. Interested Candidates can contact

June 2019

Giving an invited talk and Chairing a session at 1st International Conference on Nature Inspired Surface Engineering (NISE-2019). See the details at http://ameriscience.org/nise-2019/

May 2019

Our work "Optical characterizations of nanoporous anodic alumina for thickness measurements using interference oscillations" is accepted in Nano-structures & Nano-objects

April 2019

Giving a presentation at MAHE-UNSW workshop

March - 2019

Our work " Cr3+ doped nanoporous anodic alumina: Facile Microwave assisted doping to realize nanoporous ruby and phase dependent photoluminescence " is accepted in Ceramic International

Our latest manuscript "Post annealing induced manipulation of phase and upconversion luminescence of Cr<sup>3+</sup> doped NaYF4:Yb,Er crystals is accepted in RSC Advances

Giving a talk at MIT-Deakin University workshop at Manipal

February - 2019

Giving an invited keynote lecture on National Symposium on Nanoscience and Technology at Bishop Moore College, Kerala

January - 2019

Presenting our work at International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology at SRM, Chennai during 28-30 Jan

Our latest project proposal on liquid biopsy using SERS got approval from the Device Development Committee of DST, Government of India

Mr. Swithin Hanosh joined in our group. Welcome Swithin