Our Philosophy

  • We must try to do no harm.
  • We need a daily experience with the God of our understanding.
  • Our behavior paints the true image of our values and attitudes.
  • We must be worthy stewards of God’s generous gifts to us.

Our answer to the critics on why we do not insist on weekly attendance at “a real church:"

You do not need to go to a church – if you are the church!

The use of Scriptural References at Saint James Community:

We do not use scripture to prove and support our beliefs or rightness of thought. That would be madness and a fool’s errand. Even a hypocrite can prove heresy using Biblical references.Sacred writings are not a hammer to drive home a doctrinal nail. They are not the proof statements supporting our misdirected thinking. They should not be used as judgmental prosecutorial efforts to create others more wretched than we ourselves. We read and study to understand the depth of our faith and remarkable power of God’s love. Scripture encourages us to love and serve others as God would have us do.