Saint James Community's ordained pastors are available to perform ceremonies such as marriages, baptisms and burials. Custom ceremonies that mark important passages in a positive way are also available. Contact Pastor Paul Reed.

My Mission: My ministry experiences; my years as a teacher and a school administrator; my sense of maturity, integrity and willingness to listen; and my appreciation of religious diversity are the key components preparing me for my role as the administrator of Saint James Community. There is much about organized religion that I reject; notably the shackles of membership that comes with a list of demands and covenants. Sitting in a congregation at a church meeting does not make you spiritual any more than standing in a garage makes you an automobile. True spirituality is giving oneself to support the nurture of another’s soul; and it is a willingness to encourage someone else to do what they have the power to do.

Pastor Tony Eubanks | Pendleton SC

I see my mission stated in Paul's challenge to Timothy, "Fan into flames the gift of God." My preparation for this ministry includes being a skilled athlete at Ole Miss then transferring to Tennessee Temple University where my coach mentored me in public speaking and sharing my personal testimony. I played professional basketball in Europe, the Middle East, and Argentina. Prior to my current ministry, I was a chaplain for the University of Georgia and later for Clemson University. While at Clemson I established the Spiritual-2-A-Days program which continues to grow nationally. I am just a poor kid from Nashville who experienced the generosity of people willing to help me achieve. Much of my work today is in mentoring others through evangelism. I believe we are here to serve all of God's children; regardless of who they are or where they come from; we are here to serve.

I retired several years ago as CEO of Syntaxis Youth Homes. We operated five (5) group homes for adolescents including teaching centers for providing independent living skills to neglected and dependent kids. Syntaxis also provided information and guidance to its client base about substance abuse. In addition to this incredible ministry to the children associated with Syntaxis, my continuing ministry has focused on the poor and socially handicapped. I give my best efforts to be a spiritual resource to those who have been disenfranchised by their families, friends, churches, and governments.

I served as pastor of the Immanuel 2000 Society (Ministry of the Marketplace); pastored three United Methodist Churches; successfully directed various mission projects; and continue my call to be a successful spiritual formation coordinator and community leader for over 25 years. I am proud to be a founding member of the Saint James Community and I recently served as a Hospice Chaplain in Central Ohio. I have developed curricula for special needs worshipers and pilgrims; I am an artist, instructor and art therapist in various mediums; and can also sing passably.

I'm a transformational coach and non-denominational spiritual counselor (I have a master's in transpersonal psychology, which is the psychology of spirit and interconnection). You can find me and my work many places on the web, where my mission is to guide others to use their inner courage and creativity to face life's challenges; and to bring peace, comfort and harmony to people's daily lives. I connect with people through coaching, mentoring and writing: In addition to writing custom ceremonies, I produced an album of my songs which you can listen to here or buy at amazon, where you can also get my children's book, called "You Can't Make Yourself Perfect." My course on parenting, "Parenting to Potential," co-written with Sallie Justice, is available at and You can also join my sparkmakers page on facebook.

Pastor Merrill Mellott | Springfield OH

I am currently the presiding Elder of the Saint James Community. I accepted this role in 1997. I was ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church at Lakeside, Ohio, on June 10, 1962. In the tradition of a Methodist pastor, I have been an itinerant minister serving several rural churches, a university church, an intercity church in Toledo, a suburban church in Columbus, and currently, a small church in Springfield, Ohio. I have had significant experience working with substance abuse counseling and as a private consultant for Law Enforcement Agencies. For A time I was also the Chaplain for the Ohio House of Representatives. I believe that nothing happens by coincidence and God is a real and present force in our lives. I also believe we are a community of equals, laity and clergy alike, active in lifelong dual roles of teacher and learner.


In memory of Pastor Ivan Faske

Ivan Faske, one of St. James Community first pastors, died September 16, 2018. He is remembered throughout the Cincinnati Ohio area as a lifesaver for people suffering with addictions. Though he is gone, Ivan's description of his SJC ministry can continue to be a beacon for those struggling in the dark:

My mission, my passion is to build a strong foundation of life-long recovery with addicts/alcoholics and their families who still suffer from the disease of addiction. I am the founder of Serenity Consultants with a degree in health recovery services. I consider myself a drug counselor. I am also an ordained minister and a recovering heroin addict. I remember sitting in a locked bathroom, again, saying to myself, again, I don't want to do this anymore as I was pushing the plunger of the needle into my vein. Serenity is a faith-based program but not religious in any way. I believe the more you give, the more you get; and you can only keep what you have by giving it away.

Pastor Paul Reed Remembers Pastor Ivan Faske

I recall vividly the first time I met Ivan Faske.

My dear friend and mentor, Merrill Mellott, asked me to visit a friend of his who was running a drug intervention center in Sidney, Ohio. Truthfully, I went with him because I had no idea there was a functioning facility like that in Shelby County and I wanted to see it with my own eyes. We knocked on the door and were welcomed in by Ivan. There was music playing in the background as he invited us to sit down. Ivan looked at me and asked, “Have you ever heard of Eva Cassidy? The music you are hearing is her.” I listened to the lyrics very carefully because I had never heard of Eva or the song she was singing. Here is the last verse of I Know You by Heart. “You left in autumn, the leaves were turning, I walked down roads of orange and gold. I saw your sweet smile, I heard your laughter. You’re still here beside me, everyday ‘cause I know you by heart.” It is indelible in my mind for several reasons. Kate and I want it played at our memorial service; and I will always associate it with a kind, gentle friend who clawed his way out of addiction to show the road to others languishing in the mind numbing prison of drug abuse. He became a pastor of Saint James Community and his mission was intervention strategy. We would send each other emails and when something came up in substance abuse counseling that was above my pay grade, Ivan was there to share his insight. I knew that he, like me, was trying to cope with prostate cancer but we never really addressed it to each other.

On October 5th, I sent an e-message to Ivan and got no response. I assumed he was busy with his Serenity Network. I discovered later that he was gone, leaving us on September 16th, two days prior to my 78th birthday. I was stunned and felt a sense of futility regarding mercy and fairness because our friend was making miracles happen with his ministry and an insidious killer snatched him away from his family, his work and his friends. He leaves a hole in our community and in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Ivan Faske is at peace in God’s Eternal Mercy.

His struggle is over.