Saint James Community is a quiet, caring, and concerned group of seekers who are sincerely searching for permission, validation, and encouragement to experience the God of their understanding.

And God said to Moses, "I am what I am.” Exodus 3-14

Saint James Community is also easily defined as we are what we are:

We are an attraction evangelism reaching out to others with spontaneity and acceptance.

We are less worried about what others believe since we are continually trying to define what we ourselves believe.

We are spiritual seekers who search beyond organized religion's boundaries. We hold that religions want us to worship the way in which they think we must worship if we are to encounter God... But Moses, shoeless and clueless, encountered God on a lonely mountain top; Adam encountered God walking in a garden in the cool of the day; and Abraham met God near the great trees of Marme while sitting at the entrance to his tent.

We are a collection of teacher-learners trying to discover spiritual freedom and acceptance among others who embrace and encourage our individuality.