UNIFLY is an award-winning scale-up company specialized in UAS traffic management (UTM). The primary goal of UNIFLY is to facilitate the safe integration of drones into manned aviation system.

The number of drones is growing exponentially. Safely integrating a large number of drones into the airspace requires a UTM system that provides a high level of automation as well as a seamless integration into the world of manned aviation. UNIFLY’s UTM platform supports all stakeholders to integrate drones into the airspace safely and securely.

Drone pilots and professional drone operators can validate if their flight is safe and legal. When they start flying, notifications can be sent. A flight plan can be filed for approval. The operators can plan, track and validate their drones and flights, while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Aviation authorities need a system to inform the public about drone legislation in a user-friendly and straightforward way. They need a robust system to coordinate manned and unmanned aviation, implement and communicate changes, approve flight plans and track flights to ensure compliance.

Local authorities, law enforcement agencies and airports can use UNIFLY UTM to visualize and manage drone flights, create no-drone zones and to know which drones are flying where. They want to inform the public in a user-friendly way and be able to charge for drone-related services.

Software developers, solution providers and drone manufacturers can achieve a high level of drone flight automation by integrating an automatic validation process, they can connect to third-party tracking systems and support geofencing and geocaging.

UNIFLY’s unique, award-winning validation technology uses any geographically linked data to determine the safety and legality of the intended flight. The software can process very large numbers of validation requests simultaneously. The validation occurs during the flight planning process as well as in real-time during the actual flight, based on the flightpath of the drone.

UNIFLY UTM is willing to become the standard. UNIFLY supports SWIM standards, the standard protocol that all stakeholders in aviation use to communicate. The system can process large amount of data with split-second response times and it uses certified aviation data. Reliable data from worldwide sources is used for global data coverage including NOTAM, obstacles and no-fly zones. Hyperlocal accurate aeronautical navigation data provides reliable and trustworthy data for your location. UNIFLY communicates with operators and drones through real-time messaging in a passive or active information exchange.

Although the commercial drone world is new, UNIFLY can reach back to a well-founded knowledge of Air Traffic Management in its broad sense. UNIFLY was founded in 2015 by a team that combines a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in aviation. Experienced air traffic controllers, licensed professional pilots and software engineers, validation and demonstration experts.

Unifly™ is an internationally registered trademark. The award winning UTM architecture is being used by companies such as Naviair (Danish ANSP) and DFS (German ANSP) who are using it to implement nationwide UTM concepts; it has been chosen by Thales as the basis of their UTM offering and is being used by thousands of users all over the world.

Since 2016, Unifly is founding member of the Global UTM Association in which their CEO, Marc Kegelaers, is board member. In addition, the COO of UNIFLY, Andres Van Swalm, is the chair of the UTM Architecture working group.

UNIFLY actively contributes to working groups within and outside the SESAR Framework. They are involved in the SESAR Drones Study Reference Group and the SESAR 2020 RPAS Definition Phase. They share their expertise within the EASA Expert Group 0230, EuroCAE WG 105 and ISO TC 20/SC 16/WG 3.

Since 2015 the focus is on research, development, validation and demonstration of drone related activities within the Air Traffic Management domain participating in National and European study groups. Today UNIFLY is the pioneer, both in operational as well as in innovative contexts, within the U Space concept.

UNIFLY bridges the gap between manned and unmanned air traffic management by bringing to the market a cloud-based software solution targeted towards different stakeholders in the aviation industry involved in the use or management of low level airspace.