I really enjoy writing.  I kept a regular blog for the better part of a decade; now I post much less frequently.  I write the Around the Nation column for D3hoops.com typically once a week between November and March.  This is a lot of fun, especially if you love NCAA Division III basketball, which is where the REAL student athletes play!  And, of course, you can always follow my odd ramblings on Twitter.

Here are a few of the books to which I've contributed:

The Sinai Experiment is a small group study on the Ten Commandments.  It combines short narrative sections with discussion questions and "experiments," tangible actions meant to embody and explore the chapter's theme.  I've connected with groups using this book, both in person and electronically and would be happy to do so again, if desired. 

This Present Former Glory is an anthology of religious and spiritually inspired writing - poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and dramatic works - sponsored by A Game for Good Christians. Dubbed "An Anthology of Honest Spiritual Literature," the book seeks to be authentic about the reality, truth, and messiness of faith.  My contribution is a short retelling of the Good Samaritan story that I've used previously in sermons. 

Renovating Holiness is a series of essays by young (at the time) leaders in my denomination - The Church of the Nazarene - talking about how we can address changing cultural context with fidelity to our traditions and beliefs.  I wrote a chapter about the importance of community for a life lived well.  It's a theme I care about deeply and something we're trying to live out in our own lives. 

One in Christ is a scripturally-based study in community.  Sections and chapters focus on biblical passages that explain how God has called us to live well together.  My chapter focuses on 1 Samuel 30 and might be the beginning of my interest in the difference between what we earn and what we deserve.  It touches on generosity, mutuality, and human value. 

Nazarenes Exploring Evolution is a very self-explanatory title.  My chapter deals with the limitations we place on God and suggests some ways in which we can embrace the vastness of the universe and our difficulty finding purpose in a world we cannot control, contain, or entirely understand. 

Why the Church of the Nazarene Should Be Fully LGBTQ+ Affirming is a compilation of stories, narratives, and explanations, giving voice to those in the Church of the Nazarene calling for a fresh conversation about sexuality and gender. Love rests at the heart of the denomination’s view of God. And yet its statement about human sexuality does not support the ways of love.  This book offers hope. Hearing the voices of queer people, allies, and scholars is a crucial step toward transformation.