I very much enjoy speaking to groups and leading discussions about faith and life. Writing is a wonderful outlet, but preaching and teaching (two distinct, but related skills) are where I really feel alive. I've found I have the ability to connect with and respond to others in ways that make often difficult ideas more accessible.

As much as I love the intellectual aspect of, well, almost everything, I don't think ideas make much sense if they can't be lived out. I'm passionate about exploring the ways our beliefs and our actions relate (or don't) to one another. I'd love to work with your congregation, group, or gathering in being more intentional about life.

If you read the blog at all, you know the kinds of things I'm often thinking about. I love asking 'why' and digging into the motivations and sources of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I have one developed course - Heaven, Hell, and Other Stuff - that explores what scripture actually says about afterlife, with a special attention to the historical and cultural lenses we use (or misuse) in forming our beliefs. But I'd love to cater any time together to topics, ideas, or scripture passages you're seeking to explore.

I'm also available to preach or speak in just about any context. It's been a while since I've had sermons recorded, but there are a few examples available here. Please contact me if you'd like to have me engage with your group.