It's Pony! - Blue-zoo/Nickelodeon

2019 - 2021

I've worked with Stuart Geddis to make all of the fx you see on the television show "It's Pony!" for Nickelodeon. Lot's of youtube video's aren't available in this country but you'll find my favourite effects in my show reel.

Game Grumps Animated


Along with Sound designer WangleLine on twitter, I Directed and Animated this short animation in support of a youtube channel, using their audio as the base. It was drawn in Photoshop and TVPaint, and composited in Toon Boom.

Moomins Reanimated - Mass Animator Project

2018 - current

Moomins have a lot of fans, and I've always enjoyed the character designs. Last year I volunteered to join into this massive online animating project, to recreate the first episode in our own new styles. I'm doing 3 shots, of which 2 are currently finished. I can't wait for the whole thing to be done!


One-Day Challenges

2016 & 2018

Our College creates one day challenges for the start of the year. The theme is to create a short TV indent style clip using the schools "P" Logo. In 2016 I won first place!

June's Fashion shoot


I signed up to be a model at the 2018 student fashion show, and when I got the call from June, I by chance found out that She'd last minute lost her film guy to an internship.

I pulled all my resources and friends together with my limited knowledge of filming cameras, and in a week: shot, modeled and produced a fashion film for her. I directed my friend Matthew who held the camera, suggested shots, put together music and colour corrected the whole thing. I've learnt a lot more about cameras and filming since!



I was given a brief to draw 7 illustrations next to 7 Haiku poems. The class then picked the best one in their opinion, and I was tasked with recreating the illustration in animated format. Sticking as close to the illustrations texture and style as I could.

The Haiku chosen was one about my Cockapoo at home called Buster!

Time frame: 1 week.

haiku images

The Adventure Zone

Multi - Animated Project and Official Trailer.

The Adventure Zone is a fantasy adventure podcast. I was invited by a friend to aid in a project between many animators to animate an episode of it, and this is my 20 second section.

After animating that, I was invited by Meg Lloyd to work in a team to create the official trailer for the podcast as a whole, where I aided in roughing out 4 cuts.


The Hunt - Student Game Project

February - June 2017


On an exchange trip to Norway, I joined a game design team and we worked to a brief to make an educational game about the Norwegian wildlife, using an old failed student project as the base and redesigning it for a modern audience of 4-5 year olds.

I was assigned Art Lead, where I studied the animals, designed their look alongside the rest of the game and animated them in TVPaint. I supervised their 3d models being made by other students for the world map sections, and worked with my team mate Sunna to design and create the UI of the game.

The Cereal Project.


Another short project before starting coursework again. This brief included buying a cereal box and making something with it. I decided to record my tutor's briefing and animate to a short piece of it.

Euranim - The Animation Workshop


In 2016 I took part in a Euranim video mapping project in Viborg. I was in the team in charge of the centre animation piece, and I designed and animated the monster eating the windows on the building. At the start of the week we collectively chose a theme for our section which was "tongue" and together I coordinated the making of a simple storyboard that could fill up 2 minutes of time. My team mates made the grid and neon line effects and we finished it in good time ready for the event!