A quick run down.

I have been drawing as long as I can remember, I quickly went on to join the Plymouth College of Art in 2015 and graduated as an animator in 2018. During this time I have worked on a variety of animation projects as a rough animator or animation lead; designing characters for video mapping projects in Plymouth and Viborg; animating game assets at a game Jam in London and on a student led game design project in Steinkjer Norway. I even recently helped direct and produce a short fashion showcase film for a friend and fellow student at the college.

I enjoy designing characters and telling stories in as many different formats as I can try out, and I've often been picked as team lead or animation lead for my talents of meeting deadlines and making sure that everything is as good a quality as it could possibly be. I take inspiration from a variety of things such as french comic books I read growing up, a mixture of animation by studio trigger and cartoon network shows, and my favorite film directors are Wes Anderson, Edgar Wright, Armando Iannucci and Guy Richie.

Email :MillieS@rustnuttie.com

Twitter @rustnuttie