Pieces from 2017 Exhibition

Parasite dress

Scales-Tentacles dress

Tentacles dress

Carapace top

Queen jacket

Endless Tentacles dress

Corruptor top

Scales top

Swarm top

Space Worms top

Hive top & Sheath skirt

Emperor kimono

Rubber Creature Models

Rubber Creature Selden Who Must be Obeyed

Selden in the Endless Tentacles dress

Rubber Creature Megan

Megan in the Space Worm top

Rubber Creatures Alan, Greg and Megan

Alan, Greg and Megan in the Scales top, Emperor Kimono, and Parasite dress

Rubber Creatures Carl and Tori

Carl and Victoria in the Scales and Hive tops

Creature Susan

Susan in the Boss top and Space helmet

Rubber Creatures Susan and Greg

Susan and Greg in the Tentacle dress, Carapace top, and Carapace skirt