Models & Actors

  • Alan Schepers
  • Allison Roodman
  • Anonymous Creatures
  • Audrey Davis
  • Ben Turney
  • Beth Ann Koelsch
  • Carl Weisner
  • Colin Budziszewski
  • Craig Davis
  • Dorian Hayes
  • Fikri Yucel
  • Graham Buhrman
  • Gregory Budziszewski
  • Jacqueline Haley
  • Jen Holloway
  • Jessica Zimmerman
  • Joe Budziszewski
  • John Ebbert
  • Keith Hayes
  • Megan Culler
  • Mike Ling
  • Molly Matlock
  • Pascale Weisner Lodewick
  • Rosie Buhrman
  • Ryan Davis
  • Sandy Ebbert
  • Selden Holt
  • Sophia Heaton
  • Susan Budziszewski
  • Victoria Lodewick
  • Vivian Buhrman
  • William Krick


  • Ben Turney
  • Brian Denton
  • Ed Goodman
  • Graham Buhrman
  • Jerry Salley
  • Keith Hayes
  • Rosie Buhrman
  • Ryan Davis
  • Seth Budziszewski
  • Vivian Buhrman

Art Production

  • Graham Buhrman
  • Rosie Buhrman
  • Vivian Buhrman

Artist Statement

In 2016 after two decades of making paintings and collages, I switched from 2D art to a more universal medium, something everyone has and can relate to — clothes.

Why Clothes?

After years of dancing around the issue (making costumes and pajamas for family) I’ve gone all-in for making clothes. I fill my sketchbooks faster than ever, all with ideas for new clothes and accessories. I make clothes that are fun, unusual, and ecologically sound. I use recycled and upcycled materials. I make clothes for me, family, friends, and anyone who shows interest. I make clothes for all ages and sizes. I love the sculptural possibilities of clothes, the ease of experimenting with cheap materials, and how easy they store in the closet of an extra bedroom.

Why Now?

It took me a long time to admit I appreciate clothes and wanted to make them. I’m not a snappy dresser, and fashion was something I considered a waste of time. But slowly, over years and years, I would peek at the posts by Bill Cunningham in the New York Times or appreciate an outfit in a movie. Bill loved fashion and embraced experimentation. His energy was contagious, and I caught it. From his photos I moved to books and exhibits, and now I chat up strangers about their clothes and always share a compliment when I see an interesting outfit. I receive the compliments now when I wear one of my creations in public, and it’s a great feeling.

What’s Special About These Clothes?

I am not the best seamster, but I know space and forms. I know how to suggest a story, and I can make clothes that are fun. This exhibit focuses on recycled bike inner tubes as the main substance, and the initial inspiration was H.R. Giger’s alien designs and Louise Nevelson’s sculptures. The more involved pieces of this series suggest B-movie aliens, while the moderate pieces allow a fan to hide their fun in plain sight. The most outrageous pieces are like movie costumes, and they ignite stories for me to tell, which I’ve done through photo shoots with friends and a short adventure video.


I collect bike inner tubes from local shops that were throwing them away. I cut open, clean, and dry all the tubes before using them. Then the choice – what to do with each tube? Through trial and error I’ve learned what types of tubes to use for what project: long skinny tubes for cushy exteriors, clean wide tubes for pieces that touch the skin, small circular tubes for bracelets, and odd sizes for punching circles for scales. I try to use every bit of rubber and minimize waste. There’s more experimenting and figuring out to do, and I can’t wait to keep going.

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