Fashion Show (2019)

  • This collection debuted at The Carrack's "The Art and Soul of Fashion" on September 13, 2019

  • Models: Alan Schepers, Cheryl Fenner Brown, Chris Chapman, Cindy Wunder, Fikri Yucel, Jenny Chang, Kevin Johnson, Megan Culler, Mimi Herman, Sophia Parrow, Stephen Chu Lin, Tricia Sullivan, & Victoria Lodewick

  • Makeup & Hair Artists: Deidre Mattingly, Pi Leonard, & Sararuth O'Boyle

  • Photographer: Rebekah Hutton

  • Jewelry: Cheryl Brown Designs

  • Event organizer & host: Marla Hawkins & The Carrack Art Gallery

  • Location: The Durham Fruit

Fashion Exhibit (2017)

  • See the debut exhibit of Rubber Creatures gear from October 2017

  • Exhibit at Room 100 at Golden Belt Studios in Durham, NC

  • Presented by the Durham Art Guild

Rubber Creatures from Outer Space Gather in Durham, NC (2017)

Galaxy Explorers (2017)

  • 3 minutes and 47 seconds

  • Features costumes from the art show in October 2017

  • Actors: Captain Matlock, Commander Heaton, and Ryan Crystal

  • Filmed at Holt-Ling Studios