Senior Volunteer programs advisory council

The Senior Volunteer Programs (SVP) Advisory Council consists of at least nine members who are voted on by current Advisory Council members and/or the Program Administrators for Council approval. The Council is representative of program participants, the community, and professionals. Council and staff meet every other month to discuss the program’s progress, with additional meetings called as necessary or requested.

Advisory Council Membership

Per the [FGP, RSVP, and SCP] Operations Handbooks, the Advisory Council membership must include people:

  • Knowledgeable of human and social needs of the community;
  • Competent in the field of community service and volunteerism;
  • Capable of helping the sponsor meet its administrative and program responsibilities including project assessment, fund-raising, publicity, and programming for impact;
  • With interest in and knowledge of the capability of older adults; and who
  • Reflect the demographics of the service area.

Membership Process

Membership to the Advisory Council is via nomination by current members and/or the Program Administrators and may be subject to the approval of the City of Santa Fe’s Division of Senior Services Director, who presents nominations to the Senior Advisory Board of Directors. Potential members are invited and encouraged to sit in on a regularly scheduled meeting. Terms of appointment are for two years and are subject to re-appointment thereafter in two-year increments.

Advisory Council Primary Functions

The Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Program Administrators to assess community needs, advise on volunteer recruitment strategies, link the program with other community service resources, assess program accomplishments and impact, participate in event planning and volunteer recognition, assist in developing non-federal resources, suggest ways the program can gain increased visibility in New Mexico, and/or advise on how trends in the community are affecting seniors.

Advisory Council Meetings

The Advisory Council and staff members convene for regularly scheduled meetings six times per year, generally on the fourth Tuesday of every odd month (January, March, May, July, September and November). Meetings are held at the Mary Esther Gonzales (MEG) Senior Center at 1121 Alto Street in Santa Fe, from 10:30–11:30 am (unless otherwise stated). Subject-specific meetings are occasionally called for members of a subcommittee between regular meetings.

Time Commitment

Aside from the meetings described above, Advisory Council members commit to two or more events a year, and occasional email correspondence. Members may assist with volunteer recognition banquets, volunteer informational meetings, program evaluations, volunteer recruitment events or other outreach activities. From time to time, the Program Administrators will ask for guidance or a vote via email, between meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Council please click here to fill out the required membership form.