Roshen's Chess Academy

Roshen's Chess Academy was established on June, 2019 (while I was in 7th grade). Even though I had already started providing Chess services to the community prior to that based on my State/National/International Chess achievements since 2014, I thought it was time to organize everything under one common umbrella. This was one inspiration for me to start Roshen’s Chess Academy. Also during my seventh grade, I had completed a school project using "Google sites" and used that knowledge to create this website for my chess academy.

 Roshen's Chess Academy is an organization that runs chess clubs for various non-profit organizations. 

The goal of Roshen's Chess Academy is to promote chess among kids nationally and internationally.  The organization is achieving this by providing free teaching lessons, free game analysis and free supervised practice games. Our teaching sessions are focused on teaching concepts, rules, strategical ideas, etc and also holding supervised practice games with game analysis. We are running at full capacity now with 70 kids in three batches. We have students from North America (all time zones from USA) and Asia. 

We have also raised $57,448 (June, 2019 - June, 2024) for twelve non-profit organizations nationally and internationally. Details are in our fundraising page.

Roshen Nair Foundation is also organizing NWSRS & USCF rated Chess tournaments to prepare kids for the OREGON SCHOLASTIC CHESS FEDERATION (OSCF) and CHESS FOR SUCCESS state championships. We have organized over 30 State qualifier tournaments and more than 600 players have played over 2000 officially rated tournament games in our tournaments. 

We also organized and successfully ran 20 USCF (nationally rated tournaments) where 1297 players have played over 2000 rated tournament games.

Roshen Sanjay Nair 

(Founder of Roshen Nair Foundation